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watch game of thrones online all seasons – watch free movies online

Watching movies online for free

Watch movies online, that is what most people look for.

You hear stories that you can watch anything online but googling the term watch movies online for free is not giving you what you want.

Most of the results are sponsored movie sites that just want you to sign up. But not the sites that i will show you.

Watch my tutorial on how to watch game of thrones online and you will be watching the lates season of game of thrones in 30 seconds after watching this video

How to watch tv series online

Do you want to watch the latest episode of the big bang theory or do you want to look for the nostalgic episodes of the dukes of hazzard or the a-team?
It is all in the amazing movie database that this site has.
I will show you in the tutorial how to instantly stream any tv show and episode online. No signing up and no catch.

How to watch game of thrones online all seasons

I will show you where to watch the latest season of Game Of Thrones totally for free.
Just watch the video above and I will explain this very easy method to watch all the movies, series and anything you want online on the internet.
Simply by using a free website without the troubles with ads because I will show you how you can get rid of all the ads you don’t want to see.

Be sure to leave a comment if something is not clear on how to watch Game Of Thrones online.


Is buying twitter followers worth it

Is buying twitter followers safe?

is buying twitter followers safe

Two of the questions most people ask me is: Is buying twitter followers safe and is buying twitter followers worth it?

Of course there are 2 sides to this shiny medal.
So is buying twitter followers safe when you buy them from a legit company.
And if you pay with paypal you always have the paypal customer protection.
This means that if the company that should get you the twitter followers doesn’t deliver, you can just recall your payment.

Buying twitter followers is safe if you do it with the right company

Is buying twitter followers a good idea

Personally i always use the option to buy twitter followers.
This is out of different reasons.
Imagine you stumble upon a company on the internet and you see that they got 56 followers.
Instantly you cannot help yourself from thinking that this company is not a good company to follow. If they would be great to folllow they would be having loads more followers.
So having a lot of twitter followers helps your company to get social proof.
Social proof is something people and customers look for in a company.
If people see that your twitter account has 100000 followers they are more likely to start following your company because all these other followers follow you as well.


Where should i buy twitter followers

The banner below gives you 10,000 followers for 27 dollars and the followers are delivered in 24 hours time.
Do you think that is to much money than use my twitter followers special offer and don’t pay $27 but only $17 dollar.

Get Unlimited Twitter Followers

How fast can i get 100.000 followers

You can get up to 100000 followers within 4 to 5 days.

Does buying twitter followers cost a lot of money?

Prices for 100.000 twitter followers are going from cheap to very expensive.
The trick however is to decide what company is the best and will actually deliver what they promise.
So I have been looking at several companies and tested a few and the one that is the best according to my experience I contacted and asked if they could give my readers and followers an extra discount.
And that is what they done.
Normally the price for 100.000 twitter followers is $147 , but if you use this twitter followers special offer link you only pay $97 for 100.000 followers.

Because you are a visitor of #howtogetfollowers I got you a great deal

Just give it a try and use my discount on the 10000 twitter followers package that means you can get 10.000 followers in 24 to 48 hours for the price of $17

Are bought followers real followers?

check if twitter followers are real people or bots

check if twitter followers are real people or bots

Usually followers that you buy are a mix of bots and real people.

This is not a bad deal considering the followers that start following you because you have a lot of followers.
This can sound a little bit strange but that is the social factor I already discussed.
It is possible to check if your followers are real people just go over to twitteraudit

Buying twitter followers special offer

Because you read my post and maybe follow me on twitter I want to help you even more with getting 100000 followers on twitter.
So I made a deal with the best company that can get you 100000 followers in a few days and got you a great discount.

But this deal is only for visitor that use the link below.
Twitter Followers Special Offer



buy twitter followers special offer discount

buy twitter followers special offer

buy twitter followers special offer

How to get real twitter followers Update day 2

Getting real twitter followers for free

Hello back to my little twitter experiment.
I just wanted to post an update for the second day.
Now maybe you haven’t seen the start of this experiment but I wanted to get massive amounts of followers on a new twitter account.
There are companies paying good money to people to get this done, but the most people struggle in finding a good amount of followers.

What has happened up to now

Just a quick recap. In the first part of this experiment I opened a new twitter account and showed you in my late night video how to start getting followers without paying for them.
Also in this video you could already see the amount of followers growing.
I did A short update of the video and edited this in the first twitter tutorial video.
After a few hours I had more than 100+ real twitter followers.

How many twitter followers do I have now?

new real followers twitter account 1001moneyways

new real followers twitter account 1001moneyways

Remember this is only the first day so after 24 hours I got 274 real twitter followers on my twitter account @1001moneyways
I mean 275 and counting.

So this really has been a great way of getting loads of targeted twitter followers.
And today the only thing i need to do is go over to that website that I showed you in the first video and do the entire proces again today.
And around the same time tomorrow I will be having around the 500 followers I hope.

Why is having twitter followers so important

Back in the day people received ads in the mail and companies tried to reach the most people they could this way and they spent tons of cash on this type of advertising.
Nowadays everybody has a cellphone , smartphone or tablet with an internet connection and almost all of them have access to twitter of social media.
So twitter is the best form of direct advertising there ever could be. You sent a tweet and all you followers will get a notification.

Twitter is personal and interactive

Also you can get in touch with people directly that would normally have been outside your reach.
So twitter is a great tool for quick customer support and promoting new products.

Getting your brand out there , that is what you do with twitter as a company.
You all have seen the branding tweets from big companies where you can win something for a retweet.
This is offcourse a nice way of maybe winning a honda motorbike or a holiday to the beach as a consumer but for companies its the direct connection and possible way of communicating with their followers.

how to get twitter followers

how to get twitter followers

I dont use twitter for my business yet should I start using it.

Most companies profit in many ways in being on twitter for business.
But remember that twitter takes some effort.
Followers dont just follow, if you have noting to say.
Also just promoting is not the way to go on twitter.
Imagine you get tweet after tweet every 30 minutes about buying a new car? You would unfollow this company in a day or two.

How to stay interesting on twitter

Most of the normal rules apply on twitter as wel.

  • Be interesting and add some value for your followers.
  • Twitter is not broadcasting, but is made for interactions, so interact.
  • Be original
  • Be funny

Be sure to follow me on twitter and youtube to stay updated on the progress of this experiment.


How to get real followers fast for free tutorial video

How to get real followers fast for free tutorial video

Be sure to check out this instruction video on how to get more twitter followers.


How to get real twitter followers over night experiment video part 1

How to get followers on twitter and facebook

Last night i shot this video at 4:00 AM.
In this video i will show you how to get followers but most of all I show you a way to monetize your twitter account.
Yes you can make money with a twitter account that has a lot of followers.

The only requirement to making money online with your twitter account is that you have al really huge crowd following you.
And that is instantly the problem that most people run into.

How to get followers while sleeping

get more real twitter followers using tweepi

get more real twitter followers using tweepi

Ok this sounds a little bit like you dont have to do anything but that is not true.
Being succesfull on twitter doesn’t come without some efford.
I am not saying it is hard to make money with twitter followers but you need to be persistent and put some efford in to it.

Step 1 on getting twitter followers:

Go to and perform a search on your subject of interest.
For example: if you want followers that are interested in internet marketing then type internet marketing in the search box.
If you want followers that are interested in social media you type social media in the searchbox.
I think you get the picture.
After you performed the search you get some twitter people with great amounts of followers.
You select their name :  for example @1001moneyways  and then you are ready for the second step in getting twitter followers.

Step 2 on getting real twitter followers

follow user followers

search for followers

Go to tweepi and go to the menu Follow Tweeps  and then select the option @users’s follower

Now you get a searchbox on the page that allows you to search for an twitter user.

In this textbox you type the twitter name you just searched for in step 1 and then hit the button start following.

What this search on tweepi does is, it will give you a list off all the people that follow the person you entered in the searchbox.
And now you have got the option to follow them too.
All these followers are interested in your subject because you performed an targeted search on twitter for your keywords of interest.

And now the best bit of this process of following people on tweepi when you download an extension for google chrome or firefox you can automatically follow all these people in one click of the button.

How to automate the following process on tweepi

Automating the process of adding followers to your account can be easilly done downloading by using the tweepi V2 Select All extension.

get more twitter followers for free tutorial


After installing and activating this extension you get a little yellow bird in your browser window.
When hitting this yellow bird, of course I mean the button and not the bird, you can add the users you just found on in one click.

How many people to follow per day

I advice you to do this for 1000 people a day and you will see instant results on your twitter account.
Also dont just add people , be interactive.
Ask questions, give answers and promote stuff that makes you money, but do this only if it has value for your followers.
Of course is twitter also meant for funny stuff so that is also a good way to get new followeres and retweets.

I sometimes post tweets about funny things that my boerboel dog does. Or when my kids fell on their face.
This sometimes gives you a boost of followers especially when the video goes viral.

How to make money with my twitter account.

As mentioned you can make money with your twitter account.
This can be done in several different ways.
Promoting stuff, selling stuff, or the easiest way there is.
But to find out more about that you have to watch the video below.