How to get followers tutorial / experiment day 3

howtogetfollowers twitter follower experiment day 2

How to get followers tutorial update

This is the third day that i am trying this method that I found to gain a lot of twitter followers.
And this is just a little update on the amount of real targetted twitter followers that I got so far out of this How to get followers tutorial.

What has happened up to now

Just a quick recap. In the first part of this experiment I opened a new twitter account and showed you in my late night video how to start getting followers without paying for them.
Also in this video you could already see the amount of followers growing.
I did A short update of the video and edited this in the first twitter tutorial video.
After a few hours I had more than 100+ real twitter followers.

This all is just by doing 10 minutes of work before going to bed and when i wake up I got hundreds of new followers.
Please watch the video of my midnight twitter experiment.

How many twitter followers do I have now?

howtogetfollowers twitter follower experiment day 2

howtogetfollowers twitter follower experiment day 2

This is only the end of the third day and up till now I got 370 targeted followers. on my twitter account @1001moneyways

For 20 minutes work in total this is not that bad. Actually this is pretty good since my twitter followers are my targeted customers.
Of course this account is not only an experiment but I thought I would post this online so people who are thinking hard and long on how to get followers can have an ease of mind.

I didn’t make the goal of 500 followers in 2 days but I am still happy with the results.

And today the only thing i need to do is go over to that website that I showed you in the first video and do the entire proces again today.

Why is having twitter followers so important

Twitter followers you can contact on a very personal level. So this is just the best direct marketing tool out there.

Be sure to follow me on twitter and youtube to stay updated on the progress of this experiment.


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