How to get real twitter followers over night experiment video part 1

how to get followers on twitter facebook instagram pinterest and more

How to get followers on twitter and facebook

Last night i shot this video at 4:00 AM.
In this video i will show you how to get followers but most of all I show you a way to monetize your twitter account.
Yes you can make money with a twitter account that has a lot of followers.

The only requirement to making money online with your twitter account is that you have al really huge crowd following you.
And that is instantly the problem that most people run into.

How to get followers while sleeping

get more real twitter followers using tweepi

get more real twitter followers using tweepi

Ok this sounds a little bit like you dont have to do anything but that is not true.
Being succesfull on twitter doesn’t come without some efford.
I am not saying it is hard to make money with twitter followers but you need to be persistent and put some efford in to it.

Step 1 on getting twitter followers:

Go to and perform a search on your subject of interest.
For example: if you want followers that are interested in internet marketing then type internet marketing in the search box.
If you want followers that are interested in social media you type social media in the searchbox.
I think you get the picture.
After you performed the search you get some twitter people with great amounts of followers.
You select their name :  for example @1001moneyways  and then you are ready for the second step in getting twitter followers.

Step 2 on getting real twitter followers

follow user followers

search for followers

Go to tweepi and go to the menu Follow Tweeps  and then select the option @users’s follower

Now you get a searchbox on the page that allows you to search for an twitter user.

In this textbox you type the twitter name you just searched for in step 1 and then hit the button start following.

What this search on tweepi does is, it will give you a list off all the people that follow the person you entered in the searchbox.
And now you have got the option to follow them too.
All these followers are interested in your subject because you performed an targeted search on twitter for your keywords of interest.

And now the best bit of this process of following people on tweepi when you download an extension for google chrome or firefox you can automatically follow all these people in one click of the button.

How to automate the following process on tweepi

Automating the process of adding followers to your account can be easilly done downloading by using the tweepi V2 Select All extension.

get more twitter followers for free tutorial


After installing and activating this extension you get a little yellow bird in your browser window.
When hitting this yellow bird, of course I mean the button and not the bird, you can add the users you just found on in one click.

How many people to follow per day

I advice you to do this for 1000 people a day and you will see instant results on your twitter account.
Also dont just add people , be interactive.
Ask questions, give answers and promote stuff that makes you money, but do this only if it has value for your followers.
Of course is twitter also meant for funny stuff so that is also a good way to get new followeres and retweets.

I sometimes post tweets about funny things that my boerboel dog does. Or when my kids fell on their face.
This sometimes gives you a boost of followers especially when the video goes viral.

How to make money with my twitter account.

As mentioned you can make money with your twitter account.
This can be done in several different ways.
Promoting stuff, selling stuff, or the easiest way there is.
But to find out more about that you have to watch the video below.

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