How to get real twitter followers Update day 2

get more real twitter followers using tweepi

Getting real twitter followers for free

Hello back to my little twitter experiment.
I just wanted to post an update for the second day.
Now maybe you haven’t seen the start of this experiment but I wanted to get massive amounts of followers on a new twitter account.
There are companies paying good money to people to get this done, but the most people struggle in finding a good amount of followers.

What has happened up to now

Just a quick recap. In the first part of this experiment I opened a new twitter account and showed you in my late night video how to start getting followers without paying for them.
Also in this video you could already see the amount of followers growing.
I did A short update of the video and edited this in the first twitter tutorial video.
After a few hours I had more than 100+ real twitter followers.

How many twitter followers do I have now?

new real followers twitter account 1001moneyways

new real followers twitter account 1001moneyways

Remember this is only the first day so after 24 hours I got 274 real twitter followers on my twitter account @1001moneyways
I mean 275 and counting.

So this really has been a great way of getting loads of targeted twitter followers.
And today the only thing i need to do is go over to that website that I showed you in the first video and do the entire proces again today.
And around the same time tomorrow I will be having around the 500 followers I hope.

Why is having twitter followers so important

Back in the day people received ads in the mail and companies tried to reach the most people they could this way and they spent tons of cash on this type of advertising.
Nowadays everybody has a cellphone , smartphone or tablet with an internet connection and almost all of them have access to twitter of social media.
So twitter is the best form of direct advertising there ever could be. You sent a tweet and all you followers will get a notification.

Twitter is personal and interactive

Also you can get in touch with people directly that would normally have been outside your reach.
So twitter is a great tool for quick customer support and promoting new products.

Getting your brand out there , that is what you do with twitter as a company.
You all have seen the branding tweets from big companies where you can win something for a retweet.
This is offcourse a nice way of maybe winning a honda motorbike or a holiday to the beach as a consumer but for companies its the direct connection and possible way of communicating with their followers.

how to get twitter followers

how to get twitter followers

I dont use twitter for my business yet should I start using it.

Most companies profit in many ways in being on twitter for business.
But remember that twitter takes some effort.
Followers dont just follow, if you have noting to say.
Also just promoting is not the way to go on twitter.
Imagine you get tweet after tweet every 30 minutes about buying a new car? You would unfollow this company in a day or two.

How to stay interesting on twitter

Most of the normal rules apply on twitter as wel.

  • Be interesting and add some value for your followers.
  • Twitter is not broadcasting, but is made for interactions, so interact.
  • Be original
  • Be funny

Be sure to follow me on twitter and youtube to stay updated on the progress of this experiment.


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