How to get more TSU Followers

tsu followers script

tsu followers script

Get more TSU Followers script TSU

How to get more TSU Followers?
Growing on Tsu is manual labor , you have to manually follow people

This  video from shows you how you can automate this process.

TSU Follow script

How to setup the Tsu follow script:

  • Download Google Chrome and install
  • Download Imacros for Chrome app
  • Add some code that I will give you
  • Find someone with a lot of followers

TSU Followers script setup

Just 4 easy steps and you are done

Download Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an amazing web browser that is totally free to download and use. It is 10 times quicker then Mozilla and a hundred times better then that old Internet Explorer.
The nice thing of Chrome is all the nice extensions that you can download to add functionality to your browser.

You can click the image on the right to instantly download Google  Chrome  or just go to and type chrome download in the browser.


TSU download google chrome

TSU download google chrome

Installing IMacros for Chrome

If you have Chrome installed then it is time for the next step.
Installing Imacros for Chrome extension 

Click the image below to go to iMacros for Chrome
If this doesn’t work then you can also search for it in the Chrome Web store 

tsu imacros for chrome

tsu imacros for chrome

Find Tsu Profile with a lot of followers

tsu follower automation script
After installing iMacros for Chrome you get a little icon in the top right corner of google chrome.
Now go to a tsu user profile with a lot of followers like @memeplaza or @groothuijsen
Now click on the icon when you are on a tsu profile page with a lot of followers.

And you will see the following screen popping up.

  • Now hit the record macro Button
  • Now hit the stop stop button
  • A popup window will apear with some code in it.
  • Delete all the code and replace it with this code below


After this you can save this by clicking save as and close.
You can name it TSU-followers

After this you are done. That was it, you just created your own TSU following tool.

Running the TSU followers script

Run tsu follower script

Run tsu follower script

Running the script is very easy.

  • go to profile with a lot of followers and click the icon in chrome right top screen.
  • select your tsu-follower macro
  • Click on play for 1 add
  • Click on play loop (dont forget to change the loop number)



Video on how to create a TSU follower script